our mission

Make a difference!

In business and life, we strive to enhance the quality of each relationship on multiple levels!

What We Look for in Each Company:
✓ Addressable Market Growth
✓ Positioned to Dominate Market
✓ Distribution/Exit Strategy
✓ Capacity to Execute
✓ Trustworthy Management
✓ Measurable Economic Impact on Local Community

How Each Company Fits in Our Portfolio:
✓ High Financial Returns
✓ Diversification of Risk Across Portfolio
✓ Complements our Ecosystem of Companies
✓ Predictable Portfolio Cash Flows
✓ Tax Efficiency
✓ Impact, in the Zone and Elsewhere

Pillars of Success:
✓ Committed, Patient Capital
✓ The Workforce of the Future
✓ Technology Innovation
✓ Make a difference in our team members lives
✓ Provide outstanding value

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