Sparked by opportunity

Cash has a much a greater impact thanks to the capital gains deferral program for both the investor and the utilizer allowing for a virtual “Grand Slam” of opportunity to reach the desired outcome for all shareholders.

Powerd by Experiance

Our leadership team has hundreds of business bought and sold under their belt with several fortune 50 c-suite positions on their resume making up some of the most sought after players in the space today with billions managed or controlled in their combined tenure as respected leaders in each of their disciplines.

Enhanced by Technology

Predictive analytics, Machine learning and  a stable of geeks help not only validate opportunities in each fund prior to initial raise to help mitigate risk, they also serve as ROI enhancements leveraging proprietary demand generation and related technology for ongoing success to all funds managed in our FUND of FUNDs.

Trending Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund

“SPEED UP FUND” portfolio will be dynamic and ultimately be composed of many companies. Many companies will exit and be replaced within the portfolio. As a result, the Management Team will continuously and extensively assess deal flow to reinvest over time, while utilizing the tax breaks and advantages throughout Qualified Opportunity Zones and providing substantial ROI for our investors.

Deployed by a community of leaders with the vision to support each other to reach both personal and business success. the Network helps create lasting business relationships, connections and insights among senior leaders.

It’s mission is to serve executives who want to come into a trusted community and use content to grow their BUSINESS, INFLUENCE, REACH, & LIVES.

“Speed-Up Fund”

Speed Up Fund will aim to increase and expedite the growth stage of maturing businesses to create long-term, billion-dollar companies. “Speed-ups”; are well established in their current market and ready to execute clear plans to expand their business. In this arena, we are more focused on the company’s proven track record, the size of market and competition, and their barriers to expansion.

Minimum Investment
Round A Target
Mak Fund Size


Software as a Service fund leverages ARR and MRR companies uniquely positions to grow with not only or leadership and cash, but our tech stack and demand generation enhancements.

2nd Amendment

The 2A fund supports and grows businesses aligned with the 2nd Amendment lifestyle. This is a very engaged fund with record breaking results.

Green OZ Funds

dddGreen Funds are just that, focused on companies, inventors and technologies that help make the world a bettter place for us, our kids and grandchilderens future. 

Opportunity Zone Funds

The QOZ team is dedicated to long-term success and is uniquely qualified to meet not only the operational requirements to run a successful fun, but have the support and leadership to grow and create valuable assets with-in the funds leveraging proprietary technology. 

People Funds

This OZ is uniquely designed to invest intoo PEOPLE that play a critical part of a successful eco-system. Owning patents and technology uniquely positions to leverage talent into action with in the fund.

Real Estate

REIT’s and revenue generating real estate opportunities make for good QOZF’s.

Insurance Fund

Like all the other funds leveraging our cash and technology this fund is designed to be a more long term, steady dividend fund producing cash year over year in one of the oldest industries on the planet. There is a reason people like Uncle Warren has the majority of his money in this indusrty.

Talent + Tech

Our approach leverages Qualified Opportunity Zone Funds against our talent & tech to create industry leading investment opportunities with in our stable of managed opportunities from mid risk to more stable dividend producing investment vehicle’s.

Decades of business success across most industry and verticals combined with our proprietary technology help our investors/partners/funds build a wining strategy and approach to create long term success.


Our leadership team has hundreds of businesses bought and sold between them in the top 40 industries allowing a unique insight to how these opportunities should function and operate. Our team acts as a spring board to success for our new funds and companies under management giving them a powerful advantage in their space as well as millions in real-life learnings equal to none!

Proven Success

From incubation and start-ups to billion dollar industries under management or in our partner programs we know what success looks like and how to get there from past experience which invaluable to all our funds/partners.

Proprietary Tech Stack

20 Years of tech development our propritary stack increases the desired results across all our business units, function teams and is an invaluable part of our success.

Opportunity zone funds under management

We let the numbers talk for us

Target ROI


Overall Gross Internal rate of return targets for each fund or opportunity 

Market Value

$8.3 T

From Tech to Insurance and everything inbetween our markets are massive with huge opportunity


130 years

Our executive & leadership team have pretty much done and seen it all and share that insite to increase value and success.

QOZ Funds


Our goal is to manage / participate 12 strategic funds for all investor risks and taste.

QOZF Services

Why did the auditor get run over crossing the road? Auditors never actually do the risk assessment well until after the accident happens.

We are here to support the QOZF eco-system with dedicated resources to help meet the desired outcomes for all in the ecosystem.

  • Build Unique Opportunities
  • Enhance Preformance
  • Leverage Shared resources


Our team has access and reach along with depth of knowledge in most industries 2nd to none, and for the right opportunity leveraging our contulancy services to a new project or as a 3rd party to almost any deal will provide value.


If you are looking for a specific opportunity or wish to creat your own out team is ready to come along-side any deal that the QOZF team deems credible and align with our fund of funds charter.


Our tech geeks and leaders have created some proprietary tech and infrastructure that allows us to have above average success, why go it alone?

Frequently Asked Questions about establishing a Opportunity zone fund

How to create an opportunity zone fund?

Were are here to help you answer these question and help you meet your long term goals and objectives:

1) Step-by-step how-to for forming a Qualified Opportunity Fund
2) The biggest considerations when forming a Qualified Opportunity Fund.
3) Who can form a Qualified Opportunity Fund, and why someone might want to do so.
4) Best practices for structuring a Qualified Opportunity Fund — the pros and cons of LLC, C-Corp, and S-Corp structuring.
5) The concept of a two-tier structure — a Qualified Opportunity Fund that invests directly in a Qualified Opportunity Zone Business.
The importance of following a compliance plan and creating an audit trail for your Qualified Opportunity Fund.Some of the key compliance issues for a Qualified Opportunity Fund — substantial improvement test, 90% asset test at the fund level, 70% asset test at the QOZB level, gross income test, working capital safe harbor documentation, and services performed test.

Securities laws and SEC considerations for fund issuers who need to raise capital from outside investors.

Opportunity Zone Funds

Opportunity Zone (OZ) News

Trending and topical informatioon relating to new Opportunity Zone funds, market shifts and general OZ information.

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OZ Fund f.a.q.

Does this work like a 1031 Exchange?

Yes, the same desired outcome. Deferred that capital gains tax liability. Plus more upside because it’s a PE fund … historically performing a lot better than real estate.  And the capital gains in the OZ Fund shares are capital gains tax free of held for ten years. 

How is tax base managed?

Initially, the tax basis is deemed to be zero. However, if the Opportunity Fund investment is held for at least 5 years, the basis is increased to 10 percent of the deferred gain.

Finally, if the Opportunity Fund investment is held past December 31, 2026, the investor will be deemed to realize the deferred capital gains as of December 31, 2026. In addition, will pay capital gains tax on the amount of recognized gains as of that date (determined as described above, with basis adjustments if applicable).

The basis is then adjusted to equal the amount of the original Opportunity Fund investment. Finally, if the investor holds the Opportunity Fund investment for at least 10 years, the basis is deemed to be the fair market value of the Opportunity Fund investment and no capital gains tax will apply to the appreciation on the Opportunity Fund investment.

What is a QOZ?


Where new investments, under certain conditions, may be eligible for preferential tax treatment.

Under the program, an investor can defer capital gains tax on realized gains if the gains are invested in a Qualified Opportunity Fund within180 days of the sale.

Twelve percent of US census tracts are Opportunity Zones (8,762 tracts). Governors of the 50 states and 4 territories and the mayor of Washington, DC, nominated the zones, which were officially designated by the US Department of the Treasury. The designated zones have lower incomes, higher poverty rates, and higher unemployment rates than eligible non-designated tracts.

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Are all funds Distressed Zones?

No. Opportunity zones must meet certain criteria to qualify. Census tracts with over 20% poverty and median family income no greater than 80% of the area medium will qualify. There are also contiguous zones, which are census tracts that are adjacent to a designated opportunity zone, and also do not exceed 125% of the median family income of that same opportunity zone.

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Can new monies be added to a QOZF?

New monies can be invested in an opportunity fund, however the investor would not enjoy the same tax benefits as realized capital gains.

What happens if a fund fails?

Investments made by the Fund are made within Opportunity Zones. While all the care is taken to ensure sufficient due diligence is done prior to investment, these investments are subject to risks. Startups have a high success rate but these also come with intrinsic risks associated with markets & other factors.

What time period is allowed for rollover?

Investors have 180 days to invest realized capital gains.

Do I use an intermediary like I would with a 1031 Exchange?

No. You can take receipt of the gains, as long as you reinvest within 180 days. As an Opportunity Fund we have to certify with the IRS. You receive a tax statement at the end of the year.

What is the minimum investment ammount?

The minimum investment is $100,000.