Millions of individuals are over 65 and have unique needs and requirements which make up the services and solutions funded by the silver opportunity zone fund. From senior living and specialty housing like memory care, Alzheimer care, respite to extended-stay and event Long term care outside of a hospital require unique Partners that are not always found in rural areas and that is where the opportunity zones come in to help facilitate growth at a local community while providing much-needed services for the aging population.

because it’s a known fact pre-planning and preparation as an investor, as a community, as an aging population we know that Peyroux is like Medicare, individuals and their families need quality care at a reasonable price and that is why our fund leverages best in class technology along with science and cutting edge leadership to ensure a winning solution for the consumer and for the investors and the fund as well as the assets backed and managed by the fund.

Silver Fund Eco-System

We’ve created the silver ecosystem that allows multiple community groups to leverage many of the same required assets needed to serve as growing population providing a long-term savings into the overall ecosystem and increasing quality of care across-the-board making it a win for providers, investors and consumers.

The Future of the Silver Fund

we believe there will be multiple silver fund series primarily funded by investors with a hyper-focus on leveraging their investment dollars to provide a change in the world and quality of life for aging population but over time we believe many of the large insurance carriers, Dr. networks, and payors Will want to take advantage of the synergies offered by the silver ecosystem and deploy some of their profit back into these opportunities to provide a higher quality of care in the rural areas that they serve while reducing their overall cost that expenditures because of the success of the technology and the ecosystem.